Thursday, 26 June 2014

Brief Summary of the Strategy Analytics Report On BlackBerry

Enterprise Mobility Management:
A review of Total Cost of Ownership 

  • Regulated-level EMM: EMM + compliance, control and advanced security (e.g. up to 100% lockdown) for government, defense agencies, financial services, healthcare, and other high security and regulated industries
  • Enterprise Mobility Management: Basic + Advanced MDM and mobile application and content management, geofencing, versioning, rollback, containerization
  • Basic Mobility Management : Device restrictions, require passcode, VPN, remote wipe, remote lock

The report also reveals that BlackBerry offers an implementation and service package which is substantially cheaper than any of its competitors for the commercial grade EMM package. This is not due to specific deal promotions, but rather the way in which a very broad service package is incorporated for a single fee, for both subscription and perpetual tariffing methods. Although BES10 is calculated to be more expensive than BES5, the increment is relatively small. Other providers have similar bundling approaches, but the ‘all inclusive’ nature of the BlackBerry offer provides a tangible cost advantage which is then sustained throughout the TCO period.