Wednesday, 18 June 2014

BlackBerry signs a licensing agreement with Amazon

To me this is pretty amazing news.

What fascinates me about this deal isn't the fact that Amazon apps are going to be available on BlackBerry phones because they are already available on my Z30 (See the screenshot from my phone, second down from the left is the AMZ app..

The extra apps don't really concern me too much although for the legion of users who want easier access to some of the more popular consumer apps it will be of great benefit. What does amaze me is the fact that people at Amazon are working with people at BlackBerry. 

It may be in a relatively small project at the moment, but it is huge news to me that executives from both companies are meeting and discussing a project. We'll have to see how this business partnership develops, especially in light of the fact that Amazon appears to be planning a launch of their own smartphone. but it's the most promising name that BlackBerry has partnered with since the Foxconn deal and to me it is a really positive sign.  Could this be a precursor for further partnership projects in the future? If BlackBerry starts to get a hold in emerging markets it could be an interesting synergy and help drive Amazons overseas sales.

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