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BlackBerry Price aka BB Jakarta Z3 Specifications and Review

BlackBerry Price aka BB Jakarta Z3 Specifications and Review 

BlackBerry Z3 Jakarta
John Chen, CEO of BlackBerry announced the BlackBerry will be released her newest which will be named the BlackBerry Jakarta. Jakarta names used by the BlackBerry is

certainly not without reason, BlackBerry wants to increase the sales of BlackBerry in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta which is the biggest contributor to sales of BlackBerry in Indonesia. Besides the name, the design and the price is also specially designed for Indonesian users including content - content that is therein will also be included with the local Indonesian content.
And finally on acaraMobile World Congress (MWC) 2014 held in Barcelona Spain, John proves his promise with the launch of a new model known as the BlackBerry or BlackBerry Z3 Jakarta.With a 5-inch screen and the BlackBerry 10 OS is supported by the newest version 10.2.1 that is rich in features - new features.

Price BlackBerry Z3
BlackBerry Z3 Jakarta known as the BlackBerry has been officially notified on the official website BlackBerry Indonesia, which is expected to be launched around April. The price offered for the Indonesian market has not been issued yet by BlackBerry CEO John Chen that the price offered for BlackBerry Jakarta is $ 200 which is likely to Indonesia ranges from 2 to 2.5 million . That if it was the right price range Z3 BlackBerry BlackBerry 10 is the cheapest currently followed by the BlackBerry Q5 models with prices ranging from 3 million today.

BlackBerry Jakarta Z3

Specifications BlackBerry Z3

2G Network
3G Network
4G Network
Virtual Keyboard (Full Touch Screen)
Display Type
Capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors
Display Size
540 x 960 pixels, 5.0 inches (~ 220 ppi pixel density)
3.5mm jack
External Memmory
Micro SD up to 64 GB
Internal Memmory
8 GB storage, 1.5 GB of RAM
Infrared port
Yes, microUSB v2.0
Primary Camera
5 MP, 2592 х 1944 pixels
Secondary Camera
Yes, 1.1 MP
BlackBerry OS 10.2
Qualcomm Snapdragon 400
Dual-core 1.2 GHz Cortex-A7
Adreno 305
Accelerometer, proximity
Yes, with A-GPS support
Yes, MIDP 2.1

(It states no NFC above but the official specs say it has NFC)

Review BlackBerry Z3

This review is based on direct experience of holding and using the BlackBerry Z3 for everyday use.

The shape of the BlackBerry is more visible Z3 box with a little arch - arches, lengkuknagan form just to the right side and left. Unlike the BlackBerry Z30 and Z10, on the front of all tertututp glass from top to bottom, with no plate or the like at the top or bottom as the previous model. At the front of the top there is a speaker, camera and light sensor and the BlackBerry logo on the bottom. On the left there is a partial side volume buttons and the power button, the power button which unlike previous models that usually there at the top. On the right side is a place to store the SIM card and memory card (Micro SD) to cover the outer section.
Jakarta BlacBerry Z3 Home

On the back is made with a grippy soft-touch or soft material and rough with grip-grip shaped boxes - small boxes. In the middle there is a silver BlackBerry logo. For camera and its flash is placed at the top left of the same as previous models, on the bottom left of the cover the bottom of the hollow - a hole which is where the release of loud speakers. For headset hole is at the top side and the charging or USB connection is on the bottom. For BlackBerry battery Z3 is a non-removeble battery means it is not easy to be removed and to remove the need to disassemble the whole bolt to open the first and is the same model as the BlackBerry Z30.

Jakarta BlacBerry Z3 side
BlackBerry Z3 top Down

Jakarta BlacBerry Z3 Rear

BlackBerry Messenger is one of the excellent features of the BlackBerry though fuel has been given to the iOS and Android that has been used in some famous brand. Still, the sensation of using BBM on a BlackBerry device feels different especially not all the features in the fuel supplied to iOS and Android. There are some application processing messages from the large to small scale with the advantages provided by each of the message processing. As for features - excellent features that exist in the fuel, especially in the BlackBerry Z3 is:
  • Voice Chat
  • Video Chat
  • Fuel Channels
  • Read indication when a message has been read
  • Sending files up to 6 MB
  • Sending pictures with resolution options

The ability to run Android applications and games

Since the launch of the BlackBerry OS version 10.2.1 in the early 2014's, all of the BlackBerry 10 has the ability to install and run Android apps and games as well or extention apk files directly from your BlackBerry device without having to perform any conversion. Including this latest BlackBerry is the BlackBerry OS has been implanted Z3 Air ability to run Android OS version which of course was also some improvements from the first released version 10.2.1.   This does not mean that BlackBerry 10 including the Z10 platform Android OS, remains that all BlackBerry 10 OS to run all processes using the QNX-based BlackBerry 10.
It became one of the advantages of BlackBerry Z3 with BlackBerry 10 OS with many features experienced and also can run android applications and games.
Android BlacBerry Jakarta Z3

5 inch screen

There have been many outstanding smartphone market with a range of screen sizes from small up to the size of 5 inches or more. With a price that is priced around $ 200 this would be worth more than the Z3 BlackBerry. Where is the screen size and the price offered to compete with other major brands. With a 5-inch screen size, can still be held by hand, but with the width of the screen makes it easy there:
  • When reading or writing messages BBM, Email and other messages
  • More freely when playing the game
  • Displays the browser screen wider and easier when reading news or browsing
  • Displaying an image or video is wider and more obvious

BlackBerry Hub

From long ago, the BlackBerry smartphone is already known that have the ability to be in the processing of messages, ranging from push mail, BBM and other message processing applications. BlackBerry Hub is a feature that is only available in the BlackBerry 10 including BlackBerry Z3, these features are part of or support the message processing application. With BlackBerry Hub, all messages, calendar and notification in this screen. Messages processors in today's smartphones are already pretty much be in the tens, and the BlackBerry Hub is all these messages can be easily viewed and monitoring. The application or integrated messaging with BlackBerry Hub include:
  • Email, that number could be more than one
  • SMS
  • BBM
  • Calendar Notifications
  • Notifications application
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • PIN Messages
  • Voicemail
And there are still some applications that can fit in the BlackBerry Hub.

Predictive Keyboard

Z3 is a BlackBerry smartphone or BlackBerry without a physical keyboard is a full touch screen, and one of the advantages of the BlackBerry 10 or BlackBerry Z3 is the Predictive Keyboard BlackBerry Z3 means been able to predict which words will be typed by the user, and the user can select some words that have been provided without having to type to complete. Since a few years ago, there have been planted dismartphone word prediction, but the prediction word in BlackBerry 10 is different because of predictions that can be given up to 5 words and put on the letter keys making it easier to select. Last month the official BlackBerry youtube accout display in his predictions regarding the comparison of the word which is owned by the BlackBerry 10 with the iPhone 5, and the results are predictive typing with blackberry keyboard more efficiently with faster processing is complete.


Since the launch of BlackBerry 10 which was then emerging BlackBerry Z10, users compare the speed Rander some web pages with other brands, and the result is the BlackBerry browser 10 faster than other brands when it compared to the iPhone. BlackBerry Browser that is in the Z3 made ​​by QNX platform with programming architecture which is different from existing browsers like chrome, mozilla, opera and others. Browser in BlackBerry 10 is already supporting HTML 5 which is the latest standard web pages with additions and changes course in the language pemprogramannya.
Jakarta BlacBerry browser Z3

Instant Preview

The new feature appears in the BlackBerry 10 OS version 10.2.1 is support in processing the message feature, wherein the incoming message in the form of email, BBM, SMS or otherwise will be displayed briefly on the screen when the user is running an application or a game and then it will disappear by itself. When users feel the message is important, it can directly open the message and leave the application or game while it is being executed. It allows the user to lose the moment of the message may be late legible, and with this the important messages will not be missed for its users to use BlackBerry Z3. This proves that the BlackBerry continues to innovate in the addition of features to support message processing.

Using AnTuTu Benchmark Z3

Score on Benchmark result is 12036, still under 4 and Galaxy Nexus 3, but when compared with the price of about 2 million are already capable of running 3D games pretty well. 
BechMark used is AnTuTu application for Android, so the assessment of his performance is not maximized, which of course when running specific applications for its BlackBerry 10 is certainly better performance ..

Benchmark BlackBerry Z3

Excess BlackBerry Z3

  • Relatively cheaper price
  • The relative width of the screen (5 inch)
  • The ability to run Android applications
  • Reading and typing messages more freely

Disadvantages BlackBerry Z3

  • Battery is easily replaced tidakbisa
  • Plastic Body
  • Some apps / games run slow at times, especially Android
That was a review that I can give based on direct experience using the BlackBerry Z3 for several weeks.