Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Google Trend Analysis of Searches Related to BBM

Google Trend Analysis

Below are a series of graphics taken from Google trends.  They are unprecedented and are being pretty much ignored however they tell us some important facts.
  1. The search for BBM-Android & BBM IPhone was unprecedented
  2. The key markets for Blackberry products are emerging markets 
  3. The upsurge in interest leading up to the launch of BBM4ALL meant BB were absolutely correct to stagger the launch otherwise it would have flattened the servers
  4. Weird fact, in the US the most interest regarding the cross platform launch came from Vermont!!!  (maybe because it is near Canada?) followed closely by New York, 

The term Breakout equates to an increase of 5000%
Global interest, emerging markets show the keenest interest

Exponential growth in search's for the product

Interest in the US, Vermont and New York
Garner the greatest interest?